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Playing the old “Does It Exist?” game.

Frasier Theme (Godzilla Remix)

This made me laugh FAR harder than it should have.

You read a snapshot of history of the Dolls, and it’ll say, “Oh, the Dolls played, but they failed to reach a mass appeal.” This “failed to reach a mass appeal” is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Like that’s the end-all of everything. Which is what the current culture is predicated on. Financial success defines artistic success. But I think the success of an artist is to be inspirational.

David Johansen talking about the legacy of the New York Dolls in New York Magazine.

Also, the pictures from the 70s and 80s in the “A Century of Pop Music in New York” feature make me nostalgic for an era that I never experienced and that probably never truly existed outside of our backward-looking, history-writing eyes. But, goddamn, did Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Grandmaster Flash look cool as hell.

I only recently became aware of this Jackson 5 Alphabits commercial, but since then, it’s become very important to me.

I was a guest on the newest episode of Improv4Humans, along with Gil Ozeri, Lauren Lapkus, Johnny Meeks, and, of course, Matt Besser. PLUS, a certain famous cartoon rabbit makes a cameo. Can you guess who?

It’s Bugs Bunny. At one point, Gil plays Bugs Bunny. Ok? There. Now you know. Jesus.

I really like Twin Shadow and I really like Danny Jelinek so I really love this.

Buddy Cianci was the mayor of Providence, RI from 1975-1984 and then 1991-2002. Why the break between terms? Because he got busted for assault. And then he got elected again once his sentence was over, and remained mayor/pasta sauce salesman until the Feds brought him down for rampant corruption. And people STILL love him.

This is his first campaign ad. He apparently decided that the best way to voters hearts, was to make himself look like the murderer in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

He is one of America’s greatest treasures.

This is The National doing a cover of a song from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I don’t know how I’ve only recently become aware of this, but I’m quite glad it exists.

A couple of years ago, I made a video that was just Rufus Wainwright singing gum jingles, and it turned out to be one of my favorite things I made at Funny or Die. I’m re-posting it because the sheer uselessness of such a video still really makes me laugh.

Also, while recording the audio tracks, Wainwright would listen to the temp track once and then pretty sing the most perfect, gorgeous version of a gum jingle you could ever imagine on the first take.

This movie is perfect, and I find this trailer for it to be just as delightful. I have no idea why anyone thought this would get people into the theaters to see it and it feels like a film student’s first semester editing project, yet it somehow VERY accurately replicates the feeling of watching this movie.